About us
Oak flooring production

Production and wholesale in wood

As a wholesale in wood, we specialize in sustainable and environmentally friendly wood and wooden building materials.
We are an international company with more than 15-year experience in wood industry. Wind Hout B.V. offers sustainable solutions that reflect the customer’s style and needs — whether it be the flooring for a private house or outside cladding for a commercial building. We have a range of standard wood products and it is also possible to produce a special profile and size according to the project requirements.

The raw material of our products is sourced responsibly and harvested from approved American, European and Siberian forests. We work only with reliable suppliers that meet the highest environmental standards and certification systems including FSC and PEFC.

Our products:

Sustainable exterior cladding and decking

Ecological timber flooring and inside cladding

Our sustainable wood types:

Thermowood pine, thermowood radiata pine

Thermowood spruce

Thermowood ash


Siberian larch

Northern spruce and pine