Maintenance of thermowood cladding and decking

Thermowood boards do not require any surface treatment. However, as with any wood, Thermowood will naturally discolor to silver/grey over time. This process will begin immediately and, depending on the amount of UV exposure, may take several months to a year. This does not make the wood less resistant to decay.
Regular care and maintenance will make your patio/ facade last longer. We recommend cleaning and maintaining your decking in the spring before the summer starts. DO NOT use a pressure washer for cleaning.
To minimize color changes or restore the dark colour, Thermowood planks can be protected by applying oil or another standard UV or pigmented UV mineral oil (wax, stain, paint). Natural oils are not recommended because they contain substances that are a food source for biological organisms such as bacteria, fungi, etc. The oil can only be applied to clean, even and dust-free surfaces. Apply a small amount of oil to a small piece of wood to test the color before coating the entire surface. Before installation, it is recommended to oil all sides of the planks for optimal protection. Follow the oil manufacturer’s instructions for treatment. A light sanding will also remove the silvering from the surface and restore the original wood tones.
Thermowood decking boards / cladding can show small stress cracks. These are normally no wider than 2mm and are not limited in length. Hairline cracks on the surface are a natural phenomenon with wood and are not a reason to make a claim. The surface of correctly installed Thermo planks will always swell and shrink faster than the core, causing hairline cracks during the shrinking process.
Due to the growing conditions of the wood, some planks will show more cracks than others. Regular oil application can help minimize the appearance of surface hairline cracks. End cracks can be reduced by applying a wax to the ends of the planks before installation. Be careful not to apply excess wax to the surface of the decking as it may discolor that part of the surface.

Installation Instructions for Thermowood Decking

Upon installing decking boards, leave at least 5 mm expansion gap between the boards. We recommend using suitable distance holders to ensure that the spaces in the boarding are even.
When making terrace board joints, the shorter ends of the boards must not touch. Please make sure a gap of at least 5 mm is left between the shorter ends. Without the gaps, the board end cannot dry and the wood is damaged. When making joints, please take into account the additional construction, otherwise it is impossible to fasten the boarding correctly.


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