Timber cladding
Thermo Essen zonder coating Profiel D4

Timber cladding

Timber cladding is a sustainable and ecological building material. Wood siding is a very popular choice because the wood is available in various shapes and sizes. Timber cladding can be used on many architectural designs and their flexibility allows any scale of project. You can paint the siding or allow the timber to go through the weathering process for a unique and attractive color. In addition to the aesthetic function, wooden cladding has a high insulation value and excellent sound absorption properties.

Exterior cladding made from thermowood and Siberian larch is ready for installation. Cladding made from northern spruce or pine should be impregnated or painted. There are standard profiles and sizes of timber siding and it is also possible to produce special cladding according to the project requirements.

Thermowood cladding

Thermowood cladding is made from thermo spruce, thermo pine, thermo radiata pine or thermo ash. Due to its high durability, dimensional stability and thermal properties, Thermowood is a very good choice for exterior cladding. Thermowood retains its shape and is resistant to changing climate conditions. Even more, the thermally preserved wood is resistant to decay. The durability class 1 (according to European standard EN350-2).

Siberian Larch cladding

Siberian larch cladding is a clear leader for an environmentally friendly and long-lasting building material. The color of wood varies from light yellow, golden, orange to reddish. Since Siberian larch wood has a lot of resins, it does not require any further treatment. If you want to maintain a special color of the wood, it is recommended to cover it with oil. Otherwise the facade will turn silver grey and will get the color of the graphite. The durability class 3 (according to European standard EN350-2).

Northern spruce cladding

Northern spruce cladding is an inexpensive softwood alternative for wooden facade. It is less durable in external conditions compared to thermowood or Siberian larch wood and it requires further coating. The high quality timber cladding is available natural, factory primed in white or painted in all colors from the color chart. The durability class 3 (according to European standard EN350-2).