Herringbone oak flooring

Herringbone oak flooring

Herringbone oak flooring, also called parquet block flooring, is one of the most popular designs today and recognizable hardwood flooring. Herringbone flooring is very similar to chevron flooring – the main difference is that herringbone flooring is rectangular planks, while chevron boards are cut at an angle. Our herringbone oak flooring is made from the highest quality European oak. The construction of engineered oak flooring consists of two layers; the top layer is a thin slice of solid oak wood and the bottom layer is a birch plywood. The layers make this product much more stable than a regular hardwood solid flooring. Parquet oak flooring is suitable for underfloor heating. These floorboards can also be brushed.


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Alternative patterns of herringbone floors

The herringbone pattern is actually similar to the layout of a fish bone, but other models of the same wooden board can be laid. A popular method of laying is the diagonal herringbone when the pattern is laid on the diagonal of the room. Another method is double herringbone – two boards laid each way instead of one. Basket weave patterns may also be achieved. In addition to herringbone oak flooring, we also sell chevron oak floors and more traditional 1-strip plank floors in engineered as well as solid wood constructions.

Pros and cons

  • Oak herringbone parquet is one of the most recognizable and distinctive hardwood flooring.
  • Engineered oak flooring is more stable and moisture resistant than standard solid wood flooring.
  • Herringbone engineered flooring has a real layer of hardwood on top.
  • These flooring can be sanded and re-finished unlike lots of other flooring types, such as laminate.
  • An eco-sensible alternative to the traditional solid wood flooring.
  • More expensive than other flooring.
  • More difficult installation compared to standard oak flooring.


Species European oak
Construction Engineered
Base layer Birch plywood
Thickness 12 / 16 mm
Top layer 3 / 4 mm
Width 100 – 140 mm
Length 500 – 700 mm
Edge detail Micro bevel (4V)
Surface finish Various
Underfloor heating Suitable

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